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Eco del Mar Hotel El Salvador

Located in the heart of El Tunco surrounded by tropical forest, just walking distance from La Bocana and Sunzal breaks. We offer completely equipped rooms with 3 beds, a/c, cable tv, dvd, refrigerator, small oven and private bathroom.

Next to some of the finest surfing beaches in the world, only mere meters from the beach providing “out the front door” surfing. The place itself is a unique experience, it is surrounded by trees so you can sit and relax on the deck to appreciate nature.

We are strongly committed to sustainable development and promoting recycle programs at Playa El Tunco, so our oceans and the environment are first. During the rainy season, we recollect rain through several channels, filter it, and use it again.

Surfing WavesIn this enchanting small apartment you will enjoy relaxation, adventure and surfing.

Eco del Mar is made by surfers for surfers with a deep love for our oceans and the environment

Your best accommodation option in El Tunco


  • Restaurant Service
  • Airport Transfers
  • Surf Trips & Tours
  • Surfing lessons
  • Surfboard and Longboard rentals
  • Surf Photography (check out our daily surf report!)

What our clients are saying:

Really friendly and extremely helpful staff. Thanks for an amazing experience — Jake