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About El Salv

Our country is internationally remembered for it long lasting civil war and considered by many a “dangerous place to go”. El Salvador has been at peace and democracy since 1992 and has slowly become a great destination ever since.

Its main attractions are: surfing, cloud forests, volcanoes, eco-tourism and its people.

It is difficult to understand El Salvador before you go there. All you ever see on the international news is: a long war, gangs, violence, etc. But once your there, you get to see the real El Salvador, the broad green valleys, the black-sand beaches, the majestic volcanoes and its people.

El Salvador now welcomes travelers from all over the world to share unforgettable moments. Salvadorians are full of smiles and warm hearts, we are sure you´ll enjoy the local vibe of the place

We are certain that you will enjoy eating fresh seafood every day literally caught right in front of the restaurants. Be sure to try Ceviche, Mariscada, Shrimp, Calamari, Oysters and whole fish fried and stuffed with shrimp, onions and garlic. Also, you can´t leave without trying out our famous and delicious Pupusas (fresh corn tortillas stuffed with beans, cheese, meat or loroco) served with pickled vegetables and tomato sauce

Eco del Mar is in the middle of Playa El Tunco and we want to share it with you, we’ll be here more than happy to welcome you as our guest!

Places of Interest

  • Lake Coatepeque
  • Ruta de Las Flores
  • Izalco Volcano
  • Ataco
  • El Imposible National Park
  • Montecristo National Park
  • Learn more about tourism in El Salvador at http://www.elsalvador.travel

About Playa El Tunco

El Salvador’s classic surf town. Having 3 breaks and a nice chill vibe, it has become a must visit in any complete surf trip to El Salvador.

El Tunco is now a genuine surf town offering great waves, year-round sun, good food, fun nightlife and nice people all around. It is surrounded by mountains with breathtaking views. It has a surfer atmosphere, a peaceful tranquility and a lush tropical setting as the dominant tones. Extraordinary sunsets are the perfect ending for every day of your stay

Waves for every skill level, from beginner to advanced. Also ocean view and laid back restaurants and bars offer a unique nightlife in Central America where beautiful sunsets fusion into a magical combination.

All breaks perform on different tide stages and sizes, so wind direction is the primary determination factor on sessions

El Tunco Surf Breaks

  • Sunzal (right pointbreak)
  • La Bocana (left and right rivermouth)
  • La Bocanita (beachbreak)

Playa El Tunco meaning “the pig” is named for the rock in ocean

About La Libertad

El Salvador’s classic surf destination is still and always will be La Libertad. Also known as the balsam coast, it is blessed with several solid right hand pointbreaks along a mere 20 mile stretch.

La Libertad’s classic A card is Punta Roca, a fast perfect pointbreak with barreling sections and long walls, certainly and without doubt, considered one of the best waves in Latin America

La Libertad means freedom in Spanish and it is El Salvador’s heart of surfing with El Tunco growing as a genuine surf town. This area offers numerous breaks and diversity.

Surfing in El Salvador

My first session at sunzal was on June 9, 1989, I can still remember that day. I was blessed to be born in El Salvador, the land of abundant right point breaks. I have been surfing consistently at home ever since. Back then, El Tunco had 3 restaurants and not a single hotel. The restaurants where Juanita’s, La Bocana, and Melia’s. We slept in an abandoned house in hammocks in the property where now is Roca Sunzal. Budget for a full weekend was 25 colones ($3).

There was still civil war and sometimes the guerrillas placed road blocks between El Tunco and el Puerto, so driving at night to el puerto to eat pupusas was risky but worthwhile (pupusas are delicious and El Salvador’s most traditional food).

Punta Roca is El Salvador’s trademark. What a pointbreak! It is simply world class. Try it at 10-15 feet and your heart will be pounding fast for days. Always a good idea to dawn patrol in.

My first real surf trip to the wild east was on April 1997. I was working as a surf guide and still remember my first epic session at Las Flores. It was in the afternoon with an inspiring sunset, what an incredible setting. Also, it was completely empty…On the next day, going to Punta Mango by boat was surreal, glassy day and PERFECT, no one out.

After surfing at home for decades, I can assure you that El Salvador is a consistent, top quality, and world class surfing destination.

Our Southern Hemi swell window is between march and october, 8 months. They are composed of 2 months of dry season and 6 months of rainy season. This means that wind and storm variables play a fundamental role in the surfing conditions, so local knowledge is a big asset in El Salvador.

Eco Surf Trips are owned, designed and operated by local surfers. We have decades of surfing experience in El Salvador, in both La Libertad and the Wild East.

The house recommends our signature surf trip: Eco La Libertad and Wild East Premium Package. No surf trip to El Salvador is complete if you don’t experience the power of La Libertad and the natural beauty of the Wild East.

Nowadays, we have more spots to surf in but we also have more visitors. Take your surf trip to the next level, take advantage of our local knowledge and surf till you drop.

Welcome to El Salvador, the land of rights and one left…